“Thank you all for your support”

Hi all

I finally took some time to tell you about my time in the States. It’s been so long that I hardly know where to start.

Before leaving, I had decided already to drop one tournament and practice one more week, so I started in Los Angeles to go, via Cincinnati, Toronto and New Haven, to the US Open – a tournament I was really looking forward to.

My feeling was very positive the first weeks. I was very pleased with my level, and the match rhytm was a very good preparation. Looking back, those qualification matches have really made me stronger; it wasn’t that easy mentally, but I learned a lot and it gave me confidence. Those few matches against top 10 players were a great experience to me; never before I had been able to play so many top matches and I learned so much, even though I lost them. Between the tournaments, I always had some time off, which was very good in view of my US Open preparation.

I had met almost all the goals I’d set for this season already, but I was really hungry to have a good grand slam appearance. I wanted to live that experience and those moments. So I started the US Open with a lot of self confidence, and despite my tough first round, I was really eager to start it. I enjoyed every single moment on court. All emotions and feelings coming up were great – it gave me everything for which I had worked so hard. The support of family, friends and fans was very nice and so I’d like to thank everyone who has been staying awake to follow or watch my matches, and who kept believing at difficult times.

I didn’t have much time to do other things, apart from the matches – I didn’t even go shopping in NY!

Now, I have a few days off to rest and recover. The last week, my hamstring hurt a little and so I decided to withdraw from Seoul and let the injury heal. I’m not sure what will be my first tournament – Tokyo or Beijing for sure.

Take care, I’ll keep you posted on the first practice sessions :)